I've liked the same guy since 2009, no others. I put all my trust in him, told him all my secrets, and its still like he doesn't really care. Now he's completely in love with a girl I introduced to him, and completely ignores me. Today he added me on Skype, just to get me to find out if this girl likes him. Of course she does. I tried to tell him how I feel, but he mistook it for me giving him the advice to ask this girl out. I meant me. I just cannot stand this.

I feel for you, really, I know how this all feels.

I am really sorry and that is why I will tell you to do what I didn’t.

Seek out your crush, tell them everything. Don’t beat around the bush, do it head on. Get the feelings out in the open, see how it goes, and yea, go on from there.

I love him. More than I have ever loved someone before. And just because you say I'm too young to love, doesn't mean it's true. Don't you ever tell me what my feelings are. Last time i checked, they were MY feelings. Not yours.

Exactly, don’t let anyone tell you how to feel or even what to feel. That’s up to you!

im still in love with someone who completely ignores me! TT and i can't stop crying because it's still him whom i want to be with! DAMN! what should i do?

Talk to him, ask him flat out.
Have you ever hurt him? Have you done something to him that would make him feel like ignoring you would be best?

Ask him what’s bothering him, and take it from there.

i want to tell him how much i care, and who i am. but i just can't find the strength, i'm afraid he'll think i'm crazy or obsessed; since he completely took me out of his life. but i love him, so much- i think about him nearly every second of every day. i sleep with the stuff he gave me every night, i just can't let go. i would do anything in the world to make him mine again.

Talk to him, I’m sure he’ll answer you. 

You seem like such a sweet girl, darling. Give him another chance. The way you talk about him/feel for him says a lot. You deserve the world and more!

so im in grade 8 and i am in love with a boy in grade seven. He has a girlfriend in grade six, I know we seem young.. But I just can't stand it anymore, I want to tell him but I'm so afraid ill lose him forever. Its my last year at this school and if i tell him and he doesnt like me, than no friendship for 6 months. and if i do tell him and he likes me than boom a relationship. i need to know what to do. :(

These things aren’t my kind of things. But, if anything tell him, if you do feel a lot for him then go and see how things work. If things work out, I hope you enjoy your time together.

i'm still head over heels in love with my ex-boyfriend. he was my first love, my first everything. i was responsible for saving his life and being there for him on all the days he almost killed himself. we're best friends now and he's involved with another girl but i can't let him go. what kills me the most is the fact that i know he still loves me but neither one of us has done anything about it because we're scared of putting ourselves through that pain again. i just want him back.

Go talk to him, before he looses those feelings, before somethings happens to take your second chance away, cause you have to admit we don’t get very much of them. Use it now, before you can’t ever. If that makes any sense.

If anything, go slowly get him back in your life and take baby steps, hang out with him as a friend, if you two do still feel the same way, the rest should do it’s self. 

i broke up with my ex-boyfriend but i still love him. everything he's ever given me, i kept. he moved to Illinois a few months ago and i miss him so much. but i think he's moved on. we barley talk but everytime i see a picture of him or think about him too much, i cry. i want to feel better, i want to be happy again.

Talk to him, tell him.
I’m sure he loves you, if you guys cared for each other.

So talk to him. Distance sucks, yes. But it can be overcomed.

Throughout my life on many different occasions, i've suffered with depression and other things. But the big one has been depression. It's constantly in and out of it. Now, i'm the happiest i've been in a whie. But i'm still sad, why? My boyfriend thinks it's because of him, but it's not. He just wants to make me happy. Buy nothing seems to help. \:

I’m happy and sad myself all the time..

It’s just weird, like I’m happy.. But another part of me isn’t.

It’s something you’ll learn to get over.

As soon will I.

Just hang in there!

i broke up with him because i thought i wasn't feeling it anymore and he was beginning to get too clingy. i wish i could talk to him but we haven't talked since we broke up and i doubt he would want to talk to me...

The fact that he was clingy showed he had feelings for you.

Talk to him, even if you have to make the first move.

Just do it, trust me.

Hai. Okay so i have always wanted to make an advice blog, but i kmew it wouldn't get messages and all, so i was thinking if you needed someone to help you with this blog? I just wanna help people and give them advice and be there for them..

For now, it’s just me really.

I honestly don’t need help, it’s a bit slow now.

aha. I’m sure once this takes off, ill need your help.